Questions: Chapters 34-43

Chapter 34
42. Explain how Tom figured out that Jim was there.
They saw the slave go in the shed with watermelon.
43. Explain what it is that Huck can't figure out about Tom.
Why does he want to make everything so difficult.

Chapter 35
44. From the previous chapter and this one, explain why Tom Sawyer is frustrated 
about rescuing Jim.
He doesn't have enough time
45. Explain what little Jim would have to do to escape.
Sleep with snake rats and spiders.
46. Explain how Jim is supposed to keep a journal. (What is his paper and what is his ink?)
Paper is a shirt and ink is candle wax

Chapter 36
47. Explain why Tom gives up his first (37-year) plan to free Jim so easily.
It would take to long
48. Explain why Uncle Silas visits Jim in the shed every day or two.
To pray with him
49. Although Jim doesn't see the sense in Tom's plan, explain why he'll go along with it.
He is grateful for helping him.

Chapter 37
50. Explain how Huck and Tom burn themselves.
On a candle

Ch. 38
51. Explain “Maggiore fretta, minore atto.” 
More haste less speed

52. Explain why Tom thinks Jim should have a rattle snake. 
For a pet
53. Explain how Jim is supposed to water his flower. 
with his tears

Ch. 39 
54. Explain the three things Jim shares his bed with. 
spider,rats, and spiders
55. Explain how long Jim has been kept in captivity working on his escape. 
37 years
56. Explain what it is called when a prisoner of style escapes. 

Ch. 40 
57. Explain how Jim is dressed during the escape. 

58. Explain who gets shot and where.
Tom and in cafe 
59. Explain why Huck thinks Jim is “white inside.” 
Jim is willing to waste his freedom for Tom

Ch. 41 
60. Explain why Old Mrs. Hotchkiss thinks that Jim is crazy. 
She read Jim's journal
61. Explain why Huck wouldn’t see about Tom, not for kingdoms.

Ch. 42 
62. Explain how Jim was faithful and risked his freedom. 
He got the doctor for tom
63. Explain what Tom has known about Jim all along to help Jim. 
He was free
64. Explain Tom’s reason for putting Jim through the escape plan.
He wanted adventure
65. Explain what Huck finally understands about Tom. 
That tom loves adventure.

Ch. 43 
66. Explain Tom’s future plans for Jim. 

67. Explain the prediction that has come true for Jim.
He was rich
68. Explain where Huck is going at the end of the story. 
69. Explain why Huck is going there.
He doesn't want to be civilized.

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