HuckleBerry Finn Chapters 34-43 Summary

 Ch.34- Huck and Tom make plans to rescue the traped Jim, but Tom hates Hucks idea because it is to short and doesnt brig enough attention and Huck agrees intensly because Toms plan has more style.

CH.35- Tom and Huck agree on how to rescue Jim. Tom wants to makes everything look difficult and very complicated. He wants to saw off Jims leg, then dig a moat, and make a latter out of sheets. Huck doesnt see any point to any of this...but he goes along with Tom anyway....
CH.36- Huck and Tom start to dig the hole with case-knifes, but find that it is taking way to long; their hands have blisters on them so they switch and use the picks. tom wants to make every thing look mysterious. So he does everything just like the priseners do in the books he reads. S they tell another slave that feeds Jim not to panic if he bites into a pie that has something in is ment to keep the witches away.
CH.37- Everyone is at dinner and the family says there stuff is missing and Tom and Huck get nervous but Uncle Silas reaches in his packet and finds one of the items. Aunt sally gets mad because she thought he took them. They go to the woods and bake Jim a pie. That has some rope hidden in it. Jim receives everything that Tom and Huck wants him to have.
Ch.38- Huck let Tom do things his way. Toms tells Huck Jim needs spiders, Jim says no , Toms suggests Rattle snakes Jim says no , and then Tom says Garter Snakes. Jim doesn't like the idea but its better then Rattle snakes.  Tom brings up all these ideas and Jim thinks they are all horrible. Toms makes Jim feels bad about helping him. then Jim feels bad and apologizes.

Ch.39- Tom and Huck collect all the animals that Jim has to sleep with at night and he rites about it in his journal. uncle Silas decides to advertise Jim. Toms writes a letter explaining bad things are brewing. Everyone in the house gets very nervous about the letters there receiving.   That night Aunt Sally sends two slaves to watch everything as Tom slips a note behind the slaves neck explains what they should do when the robbers come.
Ch.40- Toms tries to sneak some bread and butter to Jim but aount sally catches him He hides the butter under his hat and reuturnes home. The butter melts under his hat because of how nervous he is. They hide in the dark as the farmers come into the shed. They climb in the hole that leads to the other shed and are about to make it free until tom gets caught on the fence. The farmers hear the noise and start shooting towards the fence. Jim, Hick, and Tom all run into the woods. They make it to the raft and escape. They were really happy that the plan worked until they noticed Tom got shot in the calf. Huck goes and gets a Doctor.Tom tells Huck to blindfold the doctor so he wont know where they hid in the woods and he also told Jim to hide once he sees them coming.
Ch.41- Huck gets the Doctor but the canoe wont fit 2 people. So he tries to go find a bigger one . Huck falls asleep and when he wakes up and goes back to the raft. on his way there he runs into uncle Silas. He is being questioned by uncle Silas. Huck makes up a story saying tom went the the post office to find out more info. They go to the post office but nothings there. They go back home and the farmers and there wives all gather around for diner. They talk about the crazy stuff found in the cabin. They realizes Sid isn't home yet so uncle sally goes to look for him but cant finds him.He goes to bed but wants to sneak out aunt sally sits at the windows every night waiting for Sid to come home, this makes Huck feels bad.
Ch.42- Uncle Silas goes to town but doesn't hear anything about tom. Uncle Silas gives aunt Sally the letter from her sister but before she could read it she seas tom being carried through the door on a ma tress buy Jim and the Doctor. They quickly rush him up stairs and into a bed. The Doctor explains what happens and says Jim is a good person so they decide not to hang him and treats him a little bit nicer. Huck tells Aunt Sally everything of how they had freed Jim and Aunt Sally sister come in a and explains that Tom is really Huck fin and Sid is really Tom sawyer. Huck finds out they keep Jim in the shed again. The letter also explains that the slave was freed by ms. Watson in her will after she dies. Huck new Tom  did this and was happy. Huck and Tom gets reprimanded for a the trouble they caused.  
Ch.43- They free Jim and gives him food. Tom gives him 40 dollars for being such a good prisoner. He says happy he says he is rich.Tom suggest they all go play.  Huck says no thank you because he doesn't have the money and doesn't want to go back home to get it because he must have already stolen it. Jim says it isn't going to happen because the dead man he found was pap. Huck says hes glad he finished the book because it was so much trouble to write it. He goes off to play with tom because aunt sally was going to civilize him and hes had enough of that.

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